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Here at Berrys Jewelers, our jewelers care deeply about jewelry, especially your jewelry. To help you keep your jewelry looking new, our jewelers have put together some simple steps to assist you from have to repair your jewelry.

Master jewelers know there are some pieces of your jewelry that will never see the jewelry box—your wedding and engagement rings. For these, the best step you can do is to occasionally check the diamonds and other gemstones to see if they are secure. The reason for this is that prongs wear over time, and once a prong is worn down, you can lose a stone. Also, you must take off your rings whenever you expose your hands to harsh chemicals. This includes swimming pools.

Our professional jewelers want you to clean your diamond rings. You can use most commercial cleaners, but you can easily make your own. Use a ¼ cup of water with 1 tbs of nonabrasive detergent. Soak your rings for about twenty minutes, and after you remove, scrub with a soft brush. You should use warm water to rinse. Dip your rings in rubbing alcohol and let air dry.

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