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In the past, it was possible to buy unique jewelry in Louisville KY from an established Master Jeweler and pay a fair retail price in exchange for the confident service that will help you leave with custom made jewelry. Otherwise, you could purchase from a "wholesaler" who, in exchange for eliminating the service of a master jeweler and/or selection of inventory would cut some of the cost, making your handmade jewelry lose its luster. Brundage is proud to offer an improved alternative where you can have both savings and service with your designer jewelry right here in Louisville KY.

During your initial appointment, our goldsmith will share general information about our handcrafted jewelry to help you make an informed decision about size, color, clarity and price. A second appointment will be scheduled for two or three days to follow. Between appointments, we will search our extensive list of quality suppliers and direct sources in Israel, New York, Belgium and India-for the best choices available within your specifications. Our Resident Graduate Gemologist will verify and confirm the quality of the diamonds before the best selection is shown to you, at no cost or obligation.

Credibility is earned, not bought. The Brundage credibility has evolved as we have been in business and is evidenced by our reputation within our community. Credibility is a measure of the trust you instill in your clients, and we value and treasure that relationship and work continuously to help you create your custom designed jewelry in Louisville KY.

Our business principles and work ethics are beyond compare and evidenced by our membership in the leading industry associations dedicated to promoting these values in our handmade jewelry in Louisville KY.

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