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You can look no further than Chandlee Jewelers for all your retail jewelry needs. Our retail jewelry store has an extensive collection of designer custom jewelry. So make today the day you visit Chandlee Jewelers, your local jewelry store.

At our jewelry store, you can learn some helpful pointers when purchasing diamonds. Currently, diamonds, unlike humans in today’s society, are more valuable the heavier they are. The weight of a diamond is measured in units called carats. The diamond’s value is determined by the weight of the stone, not the size. So, a diamond can be bigger and not weight as much, making the size of the diamond irrelevant.

In other words, if a man has a limited budget he could opt to buy a larger diamond weighing less then it looks. On the other hand, someone with unlimited funds could buy a four carat diamond that could possibly appear to be smaller than a diamond bought on a budget. Truly, the diamonds dimensions affect the price by a possible 10 to 15 percent. Therefore, come see how our ring store can help you save money.

Come by today see our stunning collection of jewelry at your favorite retail jewelry store.