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Berrys Jewelers strive to continue our wonderful customer service. Our intelligent staff will help you find the prefect jewelry for any occasion. Come by today to see why Berrys Jewelers has been a leading jewelry store in Corpus Christi.

Being a great ring store, we understand why gold jewelry never goes out of style. The reason is that gold wears over time wonderfully. It will not react to any other elements that could tarnish your gold jewelry. Gold is rarely the cause for allergic reactions. It can be formed into any shape easily from small unbreakable strains to razor thin sheets. One ounce of gold will equal ten feet square hammered sheet. In the hands of a master, gold can be manipulated in any way you desire.

No diamond store would be complete without gold, and because of that gold is one of the most precious metals in the world. It can be found in rivers, seas, the earth’s crust and even trace amounts are in living creatures. It is an expensive and exhausting mining procedure that only yields one ounce of gold from three tons of raw ore. This scarcity will keep gold a precious commodity.

Gold Colors
Despite pure gold being yellow, we can now make gold be white, rose, green and even two toned. These colors can be created by mixing pure 24K gold with other metals, like copper, silver, zinc and nickel.

Rose Gold
Rose gold can be referred to as pink or red gold, and is created by mixing pure gold with a high percentage of copper. It is a subtle and delicate color, which will intensify with age. The copper will tarnish, creating an attractive rose color. The amount of gold will not change with these colors because the alloy will replace the silver colored alloys.

Stop in today to see how Berrys Jewelers can help you with your gold rings.