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Donnys Diamond Gallery is the diamond store for you. We specializes in an exquisite array of large loose diamonds, fancy color diamonds, precious gemstones, pearl jewelry, antique style mountings, and watches. In addition, we carry the finest in platinum, palladium, 18 karat and 14 karat gold, Italian crafted silver, tungsten, and titanium jewelry. Stop by Donny s Diamond Gallery for all your retail jewelry store needs.

As a ring store, we should tell you that there are 4Cs to every diamond. That they are all C words makes them easy to remember. Each C is important in its own way. One C may be more important than the other for the owner or the customer, but it is important to know each of the 4Cs of your diamond. The 4Cs are Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity.

For a diamond store, the Carat, first C, can be important because it is what people think is an indication of size. Rather, the Carat is the measure of the diamond in weight. A Carat is equal to one fifth of a gram. In ancient days the carob seed was used to balance scales because the seed was fairly consistent. The carob seed is where the Carat got its name. The Carat measures the diamond’s weight not its size. One Carat is also 100 points, but because of the heaviness of a diamond, one-half a Carat is not 50 points. That being true, if all other attribute are in concordance,  a one Carat diamond will be more than twice the number of points as the one half Carat diamond. There are however other things to consider, such as Cut.

The second C is Cut. A local jewelry store is more concern with the cut, since ascertains the beauty of the diamond. A diamond can be cut to obtain its most elegance and allurement. A diamond can on the other hand be cut to save the most weight from the uncultivated diamond crystal. If a diamond is cut with perfect proportions, with the best shine and equality, then they are the most beautiful diamonds in the world. If a diamond is impeccable and colorless but has a poor cut, it will have obscured radiance. Cut can and does affect value by up to thirty-five percent.