Retail Jewelry Store Fremeau Jewelers Burlington Vermont

Fremeau Jewelers
78 Church Street
Burlington VT 05401


Fremeau Jewelers is your retail jewelry store destination. We carry a vast collection of handmade jewelry that will be a perfect gift as well as many different services to compliment your Fremeau experience. Come in today to see what a local jewelry store should be like.

As a local jeweler, we understand your jewelry needs to be protected. This is one of the reasons why we offer on-site jewelry repair.  Our in-store repairs are done by our in-house master jeweler.  Not only is your jewelry kept in our secure location, it is also being worked on by the finest of jewelers.  We believe in giving all of our customers’ great service.  Whether you are buying a ring, or having one repaired, your satisfaction is our goal.

With a retail jewelry store, you have ability to actually hold the jewelry. This can make a big difference instead of just looking at a picture online. One can also try on the jewelry to see how it looks. The benefits of dealing with a retail jeweler do not end at the time of buying but it lasts as long as one needs. There can be several follow ups that you may want to make from time to time and that is not possible with any online resource.
Fremeaus will help you find stunning designer jewelry as your retail jewelry store.