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The Gem Collection is your retail jewelry store destination. Our in-store expertise is surpassed only by our efforts to fulfill all of our customer’s needs. You can rest at ease knowing you’re in good hands with Gem Collection. Drop by today and our excellent staff will help you find perfect gold rings as well as a lavish selection of platinum jewelry. A local jewelry store will look out for you, so come see the difference our staff will make.

Diamond stores have an uncanny ability to assemble a stunning collection of jewelry. Vintage Jewelry denotes the era encompassing the 1930’s and the 1940’s, a period in which the outbreak of war slowed down jewelry production. The big difference between these decades was the opulence of large gemstones and the richness of surfaces entirely pave or invisibly-set with diamonds, rubies or sapphires substituted by limited sized semi-precious stones and large metallic surfaces.

Our own retail store has a great collection of Vintage Diamond Engagement Rings. European-cut Diamonds popularize this era of Retro Ruby Jewelry. Platinum stars in Vintage Sapphire Necklace and Earring Sets. That can be smothered in Diamonds and accompanied with a bold Vintage Rose Gold Retro Brooch. You can even match the broach with Vintage Asscher-cut Diamond Ring accentuated by a Stylish Retro Emerald Bracelet.

Our staff here at our retail jewelry store knows that citrine, aquamarine, amethyst, topaz and quartz were set into similar sized items of Vintage Retro Jewelry; however, hollow constructions were used to conserve metal. Precious metals were rare, gold was scarce and platinum was almost unobtainable. Copper took the place of nickel, which was then used in armament manufacture, in gold manufacture. It was the birthing of Rose Gold, and Palladium was introduced to jewelry for the first time.