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Chandlee Jewelers is your retail jewelry store destination. It does not matter whether you need rid yourself of that Engagement Diamond, Diamond Bracelets, Diamond Earrings, Swiss Watches, or even Sterling Silver Jewelry, we have an enormous selection. Come in today to see the difference a local jeweler will make.

As your diamond store, we know that you want jewelry in a variety of colors. Here are a few of the colors of gold.

Gold Colors
Pure gold is yellow, yet with varying the alloy, it will have shades of rose, green, white and possible multi-toned. The tone of gold depends on the amount of the other metal.

Yellow Gold
Yellow gold is the standard. It is a mixture of equal parts silver and copper. At times, zinc will be added as well since zinc will harden the mixture giving it more durability.

White Gold
Palladium or nickel will bleach the gold and by lowering the amounts of copper and silver will result in white gold. Despite having a white hue, upon a close inspection, one will see a trace of yellow. White gold is often plated with rhodium, which is pure white. Thus, 10k white gold will have the same amount of gold as 10k yellow gold; it is just white.

Rose Gold
Rose gold, sometimes referred to as pink or red, is mixed with an increase of copper and a lessening of silver. It is much more of a subtle color from yellow or white gold. It will intensify in color as it ages because the copper will attractively tarnish. It stills has the same amount of gold as white or yellow; it is just a little pink from the added copper.

Green Gold
Green gold is the opposite of rose gold. The silver is increased, and the copper is decreased. It is very subtle, much like rose gold, and will be most noticeable when seen next to yellow, white or pink gold. As with all alloys, the karatage of gold does not change with this alloy.

You can see the difference a ring store will make here at Chandlee Jewelers.