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We are one of the leading diamond stores, here at Brundage Jewelers. Our master jewelers care about jewelry, especially your jewelry. Our jewelers not only want to help you find the jewelry of your dreams, but we want it to last for generations. Our professional jewelers have created these easy tips to keep your jewelry looking as perfect as it was the day you purchased it.

Caring for your Gemstones

Emeralds are extremely hard and durable. However, they can still be damaged by extreme heat, hot water or ultrasonic cleaners. Never use harsh cleaning solutions; instead, you should use cold water and a soft brush to clean your emeralds.

Fashion Jewelry
Fashion Jewelry is usually made with only jeweler cement. This makes Fashion Jewelry delicate. You will need to use a damp cloth to clean and a dry soft cloth to dry. Avoid jewelry cleaners and emerging in water.

Jade is just as delicate as Fashion Jewelry. Follow the same guidelines.

You may submerge lapis, but you should avoid hot water. Never use a steamer or ultrasonic cleaner, nor should you soak lapis.

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