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Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry is your retail jewelry destination. From our creation, Susan Eisen has been the driving force behind our jewelry store. We continue with Susan guiding us to serve you for all your jewelry needs.

Women must open their personal collections to include colored gemstones today. With the ever-burgeoning market, these colored stones offer a great selection for a minimal cost.  These colored gemstones exist in a rainbow of tones, saturations and hues. These exquisite creations will last a lifetime.

The best aspect of a colored gemstone collection is the vast array of colors and combinations. You give the memorable entrance you have always wanted. You can begin this lasting collection with only a little knowledge and a minimal investment.

Once you have started your basic collection, you are ready to include additional pieces to match and contrast the gemstones you already have. Combine a gem-encrusted bangle or necklace with a complementary piece you already own to finish that strong chic look you’ve always wanted.

Collecting your own wardrobe of colored gemstone is simple and fun. Start assembling that colored gemstone collection today to have a fashion investment that will last generations.

Here at Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry, we follow the artist vision of our founder Susan Eisen. Stop by today and make us your local ring store.