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For the last 34 years, Martin and Kathleen White have modeled Enhancery Jewelers as your certified diamond collection. Bringing their travels around the world into their store, the Whites have found beautiful, new and unique diamond designs. We are a full service jewelry store specializing in beautiful diamond earrings.

Most people believe diamonds are the rarest thing on the planet, making them so valuable. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are enough diamonds in the world to fill a coffee cup for every man and woman on this planet. The actual reason they are so expensive is because strict controls are placed on the quantity of gemstones produced for sale worldwide. This marketing strategy is very similar to the world wide marketing of oil: they limit the supply to keep the prices high.

Founded in 1888, De Beers company is the largest producer and seller of loose diamonds. Since the beginning the De Beers company has had a strangle hold on the diamond industry and a huge advertising budget. Diamonds are not rare, but rather the advertiser wants you to believe. De Beers keeps a huge stockpile of diamonds and tightly controls supply.

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