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For the last thirty four years, Martin and Kathleen White have made Enhancery Jewelers into the destination for engagement rings. Because of their travels around the world, the Whites have found beautiful, new and unique gemstone and jewelry designs. We are a full service jewelry store specializing in beautiful bridal rings.

Metals used in the wedding ring can also vary depending on your fondness. It may be yellow gold, white gold or platinum. Platinum is more durable and last longer but it is more expensive than gold.

If you want a simple solitaire diamond engagement ring with a bezel or prong settings, you can always choose a colorful gemstone rather than a diamond. It could be your favorite color or your birthstone, or even a stone signifying your wedding month. You also can choose a unique shape to the gemstone rather then a round stone.  You can choose from a princess, or oval cut, or more unique like a pear cut, marquise cut.

Another option if you want to have a unique wedding band is to have an antique engagement ring.  You can be sure that what you have is unique and have a high quality because it stood the test of time. There are beautiful engagement ring styles from different periods including the Victorian, Edwardian, or Art Deco eras. If you choose this type of engagement ring, checks for cracks and scrapes that the long years may have brought them.

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