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A Jewelry store will claim that they have everything that you may need to help you with your jewelry search. However, most jewelry stores do not have the knowledge of the business nor the expertise to fulfill these claims. Here at Fremeau Jewelers, we have the extended careers in the jewelry industry to help you find the perfect jewelry from your dreams. Come in today to see why we are the local jeweler who can help you the most.

It does not matter if your jewelry needs extend beyond what you think a diamond store offers. We have a selection of fine jewelry that extends much further than some loose diamonds. We have an extensive selection of wedding jewelry, making us the perfect bridesmaids jewelry store.

It does not matter what you are truly after a local jeweler has the knowledge to help you through your shopping needs. We have an extensive selection of diamond jewelry including diamond rings, diamond earrings and beautiful bracelets. Keep working on your look with some new jewelry from a jewelry store that knows what is in vogue.

You should wait no longer to see our stunning collection of design jewelry here at Fremeaus, We are located at 78 Church Street,  Burlington VT 05401, 802-658-0333.  Check out our video.

Fremeau Jewelers Burlington VT 05401 Handmade Jewelry

The best place for Christmas gifts is Fremeau Jewelers because the best Christmas gifts are jewelry. Whether it is gold jewelry or that perfect diamond engagement ring, Fremeau jewelers focuses on you and your needs.  Therefore, you can peruse knowing that you will have a relaxing shopping experience. We are up front with our process, and we will even explain what makes our jewelry better than other so-called leading jewelry stores. We take the mystery out of jewelry shopping with the trust have knowing that you are getting quality jewelry for  competitive prices. Stop in today to see how Fremeau Jewelers can help you find the perfect Christmas Gift.

Continuing a tradition of quality for over the last 160, we can give you the best choice when it comes to selecting gold jewelry that you will be happy. Whether it is something from our stunning selection of gold jewelry from all  over the world or you want to begin your own handmade jewelry, we are the best option when buying jewelry.

One reason to decide on handmade jewelry is because the options available. You can create whatever you desire, unlike the limited choices of mass produced jewelry from other stores. You can take existing jewelry from unworn jewelry or an outdated heirloom and make it into the a new exciting piece. Handmade jewelry is the perfect Christmas gift because you personalize each piece.

Stop in today to see what it is like to shop at a jewelry store you can trust here at Fremeaus,, where we can help you discover the perfect holiday gift. Our location is 78 Church Street, Burlington  VT 05401, 802-658-0333. Check out our video.

Fremeau Jewelers Diamonds Burlington VT 05401

When looking for gold jewelry or even a beautiful diamond engagement ring, you should shop in a jewelry store that you can trust to give you a peaceful shopping experience without the pressure and secrecy many jewelry stores thrive. Here at Fremeau Jewelers, we understand the pressure of trying to find the perfect Christmas gift.

It is hard enough trying to find the best diamond you can afford without the added decisions that gold jewelry will give to your diamond shopping experience. Come in today to see how jewelry shopping should be at Fremeau Jewelers.

Dating back to 1840, we offer jewelry that you can trust to be the best quality and competitively priced. We not only have an extensive selection of jewelry, but we also will help you create some handmade jewelry. This custom jewelry will have the personalized touch that gives all gifts sentimentality. It also allows for you to alter family heirlooms to keep them contemporary while avoiding sacrificing the history the jewelry brings. Drop by to see the most trusted jeweler in Vermont.

Visit Fremeaus,, and we will help you find the perfect Christmas gift for the holiday season. We are located at 78 Church Street, Burlington VT 05401, 802-658-0333. Check out our video.

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Burlington VT Professional Jeweler Fremeau Jewelers 05401

Fremeau Jewelers

Fremeau Jewelers employs talented master jewelers. Drawing from our founding in the 1840s, we know how important quality professional jewelers will make. Our beautiful selection of jewelry makes the perfect gift as well as many different services to compliment your Fremeau experience. Come in today to see how a retail jeweler can help you with your jewelry needs here at Fremeau Jewelers.

Choosing a local jeweler is the biggest decision you can make in your jewelry search. When buying a diamond engagement ring from a jeweler, you need to know that you are will get quality jewelry as well as value for your money. We are the only professional jeweler you need. In addition, the money you pay out stays in your area helping the local economy when you make purchases from Fremeau Jewelers. Our skilled goldsmiths help you in making wise jewelry purchases.

Our master jewelers can personally inspect and grade each diamond they receive. They will decide on only the finest diamonds with the best traits, the most brightness and intensity, the diamonds that will look the best in your rings, to show to our customers. The diamonds that our goldsmiths turn down will end up in Internet diamond dealer’s databases for them to unburden on the uneducated public.

Our jewelry designers understand why security of your jewelry is important to you. Our in-store repairs are done by our in-house master jeweler. Not only is your jewelry protected in a secure location, the work being completed is by the finest of professional jewelers. We believe in giving all our customers excellent service. It does not matter if you are buying a ring, or having one repaired, your happiness is our goal.

At Fremeaus, 78 Church Street, Burlington VT 05401, our talented goldsmiths will help you find designer jewelry that celebrates you. Visit this page.

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