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Enhancery Jewelers is your diamond destination. We have an extensive collection of diamond jewelry for you to peruse. Diamonds make the perfect gift no matter if you want to have pave diamond jewelry or you just want some diamond earrings. Do not think that diamonds are only a girls best friend. Because here at Enhancery Jewelers, we have an extensive collection of Mens Diamond jewelry, so stop in today to see the beauty that is a diamond.

Diamonds have always fascinated. From antiquity to today, people have always wanted to adorn themselves with diamonds. It does not matter if the diamond is the center of a beautiful engagement ring, or it is the miss part of a perfect  gift. Diamonds have long been considered the epitome of beauty. The reason for this is the brilliance a well cut diamond exudes. The fire burns bright, shimmering colors from all ends of the spectrum. A diamonds brilliance is due  to the refraction of light that only comes from the skillful hand of a diamond cutter. Without a perfect cut, the brilliance of a diamond is only a possibility, and the value of a diamond is suppressed with it. No matter the color or carat weight, the cut will make the diamond shine and burn like nothing else.

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Enhancery Jewelers is the leading destination for all your gold jewelry needs in San   Diego. No matter if you are still searching for the perfect diamond engagement ring or you want to personalize jewelry by creating handmade jewelry, we are a destination you can trust as well as peruse our stunning selection jewelry at your pace because of our relaxed atmosphere. Come in today to see our wonderful collection of jewelry.

Buying diamonds and gold jewelry can be an intimidating situation. There seems to be much secrecy in the pricing and evaluating of jewelry; however, that is not the case at Enhancery Jewelers. We will reveal what is behind the curtain, so you can know the true worth of your diamond jewelry.

In a general sense, nature causes some items to be rare, and this rarity establishes the value. Here at Enhancery Jewelers, we will teach you the four simple ways to judge the value of a diamond. The four Cs will give you know how to look for the value of a diamond by these elements in your diamonds; you will understand the price that is given. You should also then know if it overpriced or not. You should remember that cut and carat weight determine most of the value of a diamond. You can also find some chemically treated diamonds that will have a lessened value but make up for it with beautiful color and clarity. Remember that cut is what gives the diamond the brilliance and fire.

Come in today to find the perfect Christmas gift at Enhancery Jewelers: http://www.enhancery.com , 4242 Camino Del Rio N. #17, San Diego, CA, 92108, 619-282-3900 is your custom jewelry destination.  Watch this video

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Enhancery Jewelers Diamond Engagement Ring San Diego CA

At Enhancery Jewelers, we understand the anxiety that comes with finding the perfect Christmas Gift. Many people are concerned about finding the perfect diamond ring or gold jewelry but you do not need to worry. You will immediately see a difference with our understanding staff as well as our relaxing atmosphere. Our assortment of jewelry includes engagement rings, handmade jewelry and earrings.  We also have a very exclusive line of diamond engagement rings.

When looking for a beautiful Christmas gift Enhancery Jewelers is your destination. A Christmas gift is something that everyone loves to receive if it is truly from the heart. Jewelry that will also fulfill this requirement is handmade jewelry. For the best handmade jewelry around, you need a professional jeweler. A professional jeweler is somebody who has all of the relevant qualifications and industry experience and knowledge that you would expect from a professional. When you are making your jewelry purchase, it is important that you seek a local independent jewelry store, like Enhancery Jewelers. Being a professional jeweler is not just about giving great customer support, it is about showing an expertise in the field and being able to give honest advice about consumer purchases. Sometimes, this means answering jewelry specific questions, or merely giving an expert opinion on how handmade jewelry is suitable for the consumer.

As such, Enhancery Jewelers is a great place for making your gold jewelry purchases. The owners know that they need to excel above and beyond the huge chain stores in order to excel in the industry. As such, we strive to educate ourselves within the field and provide the absolute best and honest customer support for all your gold jewelry concerns.

You can trust your diamond from Enhancery Jewelers because we are an accredited and certified in the business by organizations that are deemed reliable, trustworthy and professional. There are several organizations who certify jewelers based on their expertise and high levels of customer support. Feel free to ask us what our certifications are, and to what level our employees have been educated. It is often best to deal with only the professionals when buying diamonds.

A quick tip to testing the expertise of a handmade jewelry is to scour the internet for the best questions to ask a jeweler, and then simply ask them. If they can not answer, or answer incorrectly, this could show they have a lack of knowledge of jewelry.

Stop by Enhancery Jewelers at, http://www.enhancery.com , 4242 Camino Del Rio N. #17, San   Diego, CA, 92108, 619-282-3900 for your perfect Christmas gift.  Watch this video

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Enhancery Jewelers Diamond Store San Diego CA

Looking for the perfect addition to your jewelry book will take beautiful designer jewelry, but it will also take a local jewelry store that understands stunning jewelry is only half of what is needed. A retail jewelry store must focus on the customer as well. Shopping for such a large purchase is a big commitment and we pride ourselves on making your experience as easy as possible. Come in today to see how a local jeweler can help you with your jewelry purchases at a place that you can trust.

Retail jewelry store have an amazing understand of what we carry. This includes diamonds. Diamonds may imbued invisibility, but a diamond can be fragile. A diamond can withstand seemingly every thing: abrasions, scratches and heat. In addition, the only way to cut a diamond is with other diamonds, yet despite all this, a diamond can shatter like glass. All it takes is a direct blow to a girder and it the diamond will no longer be indestructible. This fragility brings up the way in which people wear diamonds—everyday. Diamonds are added to pieces that become part of your everyday wardrobe and wearing a diamond everyday can lead to its destruction. We here at Enhancery Jewelers understand the steps to keep your diamond looking new, which will prolongs it life and keep your diamond perfect for generations.

Jewelry stores have some easy steps in cleaning diamond jewelry. We are your diamond store because we understand the easy ways to clean your diamond—soap and water. That is all it takes. To have beautiful, long lasting jewelry, all you need to do is get some gentle detergent and water. Take a soft brush to use on you diamond jewelry. Brushing your diamond jewelry with your homemade cleaner will rid it of the dirt and debris that will wear down your metal. This could lead to weakened prongs and you could lose your diamond.

Our local jewelers know the symbolic importance of diamond jewelry. This is one reason why engagement rings center around diamonds. Diamonds emphasize the eternal, but do not let that fool you into to think that it is infallible. You need to clean your diamond jewelry often to make sure you do not damage your setting. It is also a good idea to have your diamond jewelry inspected by your local jeweler.

Come see your retail jewelry store that you can trust at Enhancery Jewelers, http://www.enhancery.com , 4242 Camino Del Rio N. #17, San Diego, CA, 92108, 619-282-3900 is your custom jewelry destination.  Watch this video

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