Experienced Professional Jeweler in Athens GA

When looking for a Professional Master Jeweler, you should start at Chandlee Jewelers. Our staff of talented knowledgeable retail jewelers can help you discern whether or not the sales at other box chain stores are worth all the hype. Besides having a beautiful collection of diamond jewelry, our professional jewelers can help you understand your own gemstones, diamonds, and precious metal, so your jewelry will truly standout.

Most retail jewelry stores do not have a master jeweler residing in-house of the jewelry store you visit. Instead, the jewelers will have a shop somewhere else and might not even live in your state. In these cases, your jewelry is will be sent out in the mail to be worked on without you even realizing it.

Chandlee Jewelers is different! They have Two Experienced Master Jewelers and Two Master Gemologists on the premises every day that can assist you with all your jewelry needs.

A skilled repair jeweler can help you through all your jewelry needs by helping you create a piece that will bring your inner desires to life. Whether you wish to create your own take on an existing look or you want to begin anew, our jewelry designers can help you through the entire process. No matter what you want, we will start off with a sketch that will help you figure out whether or not our designer jeweler is on the right path. You will be informed of each step to ensure our master jeweler has recreated the design you have in mind.

Chandlee Jewelers is a 37-year-old company, and that has more (94) Google Reviews than ALL the other stores in the Athens area combined. They also have more Facebook Fans than ALL the other stores combined as well. Their Reviews say all you need to know about their level of service, level of Knowledge, and Quality of merchandise.

You should end your wait today and come to see what a professional master jeweler can do to assist you with all your jewelry needs. Cone in today to Chandlee Jeweler: 1850 Epps Bridge Pkwy, Ste. 213, Athens, GA, 30606, Ph. 706-543-4653 http://www.chandleejewelers.com/Article/Repair

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Chandlee Jewelers | Best Local Jewelry Store in Athens GA

Chandlee Jewelers
1850 Epps Bridge Pkwy, Suite 213
Athens GA 30606
Ph 706-543-4653




When you are looking for the perfect retail jewelry store in Athens GA, you need to stop in to see what Chandlee Jewelers has to offer. We have a stunning selection of Diamond Jewelry, Colored Gemstone Jewelry as well as Silver, Gold, and Platinum Jewelry that makes even the most respected jeweler in Athens envious. Our talented staff has scoured the market for the best collection we could assemble, and our Master Jewelers are second to none when it comes to custom designed jewelry which is why most people rate us as the top jewelry store in Athens. Being the best jewelry store in Athens gives us something to continually strive for—to serve you the best way possible! As locally owned jewelry store, we give you the best possible characteristics; you can have beautiful jewelry and know you support your community. Come in today to see what a fine jewelry store has to offer here at Chandlee Jewelers.

When looking at what the difference a local jewelry store will make, consider this: as you are trying to find the perfect gift of jewelry you go into a typical jewelry store, and after looking around, while being followed like a criminal, you find the piece. As you look at it, you realize that you have seen this piece before—it is plastered on the posters outside the store as well as in a national television advertisement. Now, while you enjoy the piece, having thirteen million other people wearing the same exact piece of jewelry diminishes your enjoyment because you want that one, that unique, that special piece of jewelry your loved one will absolutely instantly fall in love with. Therefore, a local jeweler will give you a choice between jewelry that will differ from the national ad campaigns, and if you still cannot find what you want our Skilled Master Jewelers can create a piece of jewelry that is truly uniquely yours. After all being a locally owned jewelry store is what keeps us as the top jewelry store in the greater Athens area.

Come see what a fine jewelry store in Athens has to offer by coming in to see the amazing collections that only a local jewelry store will carry here at Chandlee Jewelers, 1850 Epps Bridge Pkwy, Ste. 213, Athens, GA, 30606, Ph. 706-543-4653 Check out our website at: http://chandleejewelers.com

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Brundage Jewelers | Master Jeweler in Louisville KY

Brundage Jewelers
141 Chenoweth Lane
Louisville, KY  40207
Ph 502-895-7717




Your location for a knowledgeable retail jeweler in Louisville is here at Brundage Jewelers. We have an environment that will allow you to discuss with our professional jewelers your perfect choice of a diamond pendant, diamond earrings, or other diamond jewelry.

Loose diamonds are another option here at Brundage Jewelers that will give you the freedom to create the perfect gift with an experienced master jeweler in Louisville. Drop in today to experience the right expert jewelry designer in Louisville. Our skilled repair jewelers will help with all your broken jewelry. Our skilled jewelers will help you leave Brundage Jewelers with the perfect diamond ring collections.

Brundage Jewelers in Louisville KY has experienced master jewelers who understands the manufacturing nuances of the jewelry industry and also is able to insert a creative and expressive viewpoint into the jewelry creation. You will find such a knowledgeable retail jeweler in Louisville here at Brundage Jewelers where we blend old world sensibilities with new world techniques to bring you jewelry you will cherish for generations. No matter what your style we have experienced professional jewelers to have a custom design consultation. Drop in today to see how much difference an expert jewelry designer will make here at Brundage Jewelers.

The Premier Jeweler in Louisville where everyone will find the jewelry that is perfect for them. Our talented jeweler can assist you through each step of the custom jewelry manufacturing process. First, you will sit with the custom jeweler, who will sketch a design from your picture or rendering. Then, our professional jeweler will create a wax model for your approval. After the model is approved, your jewelry will be cast and skillfully assembled. Your final approval will be needed before the final polishing and setting of stones, so you will have the exact jewelry you desire. Come in to see how easy it is with the help of our master jeweler to have a truly Unique Piece of Custom Jewelry.

Stop by our studio to see an experienced master jeweler, Brundage Jewelers, 141 Chenoweth Lane, Louisville, KY. Ph 502-895-7717 http://www.brundagejewelers.com.

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Jeweler Louisville KY | Brundage Jewelers 40207

Finding a custom jeweler should not be taken lightly, and here at Brundage Jewelers, we show you what a leading jeweler can do. Our talented master jeweler can help you with all your jewelry needs. Our retail jeweler can help you with everything from understanding the difference in diamond ratings to creating your own handmade look. You should stop in to see what a professional jeweler aims to be here at Brundage Jewelers.

Our jeweler will help you create the jewelry look of your dreams. A custom designed look gives you the ability to create your inner most desires. Our best jeweler will bring to life your dreams, so come in today to see how we can help you begin the easy process of jewelry design.

Jewelry design with a professional jeweler will be an easy process. First you will decide on the look or style you want to replicate. Because of this copying of an existing design, one easy way to get started is to redesign existing jewelry you own. Find that broken or unworn piece from the bottom of your jewelry box, and turn it into a look that will turn heads.

Come in to see how helpful our talent master jeweler can be here at Brundage Jewelers http://www.brundagejewelers.com Visit us at our studio: 141 Chenoweth Lane, Louisville, KY. Check this out.

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Jeweler Tallahassee FL | The Gem Collection | 850.893.4171

Finding a jeweler is a precarious search because unlike here at The Gem Collection, you never know the professional jeweler when you walk off the street, for it is not difficult to mask jewelry that is of lower quality. Our master jeweler and gemologist will give you a straight approach to your jewelry quest because a premier jeweler must, if anything, have trust with customers.

Stop in to have jewelry appraisals today. A jewelry appraisal will allow you the piece of mind to understand what your jewelry is worth. This information will give you an understanding, so you can fully know how much insurance you should have. An appraisal should also give you a catalogue of your jewelry collection, allowing you to see where you can add a new piece. Beside the heirlooms of your distant family, your new gemstone jewelry will give you the pop of color you lack. Once you fully see your jewelry collection from a third party viewpoint, you will see how an aquamarine will bring the freshness of spring into your jewelry box.

Stop in to visit our talented premier jeweler here at 3501 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee, FL 32309, Ph (850) 893-4171. http://GemCollection.com Click Here.