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In the past, it was possible to buy unique jewelry in Louisville KY from an established Master Jeweler and pay a fair retail price in exchange for the confident service that will help you leave with custom made jewelry. Otherwise, you could purchase from a "wholesaler" who, in exchange for eliminating the service of a master jeweler and/or selection of inventory would cut some of the cost, making your handmade jewelry lose its luster. Brundage is proud to offer an improved alternative where you can have both savings and service with your designer jewelry right here in Louisville KY.

During your initial appointment, our goldsmith will share general information about our handcrafted jewelry to help you make an informed decision about size, color, clarity and price. A second appointment will be scheduled for two or three days to follow. Between appointments, we will search our extensive list of quality suppliers and direct sources in Israel, New York, Belgium and India-for the best choices available within your specifications. Our Resident Graduate Gemologist will verify and confirm the quality of the diamonds before the best selection is shown to you, at no cost or obligation.

Credibility is earned, not bought. The Brundage credibility has evolved as we have been in business and is evidenced by our reputation within our community. Credibility is a measure of the trust you instill in your clients, and we value and treasure that relationship and work continuously to help you create your custom designed jewelry in Louisville KY.

Our business principles and work ethics are beyond compare and evidenced by our membership in the leading industry associations dedicated to promoting these values in our handmade jewelry in Louisville KY.

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Finding a knowledgeable retail jeweler in Athens GA should be the focus to your search for a jewelry store, and here at Chandlee Jewelers, you will find that our expert master jewelers can help you throughout your jewelry search. It does not matter what you are in the market for whether it is custom jewelry work or an appraisal of your existing jewelry collection, we house the expert jewelry designer in Athens GA you need. Our skilled repair jeweler will give you an honest opinion of your jewelry here at a place you can trust. Our gifted premier jeweler in Athens GA has the knowledge and expertise to create stunning handmade jewelry that will surely satisfy. Come in today to visit with a truly knowledgeable retail jeweler, we can assist with all your jewelry needs here at Chandlee Jewelers.

Our professional jewelers can appraise your existing jewelry collection as well as help you understand the value of the jewelry you wish to purchase. Understanding the value is an important aspect of investing in jewelry because no matter your reason for the purchase you are investing your money in that piece. Therefore, it does matter that you are getting the best possible value for your purchase. Some may doubt that a jewelry store will give them the true value of their piece that they are purchasing, but here at Chandlee Jewelers in Athens GA, our jewelry appraiser and gemologists will teach you some ways to gage the value of your jewelry.

For instance, our expert gemologists will demonstrate the way in which diamonds are valued. They will show you how to view the Cut, Color, Carat weight and Clarity, so you will end up with the best possible diamond in your price range. This short tutorial will not only give you an appraisal immediately, but it will also give you a sense of understanding, which will allow you to comprehend and apply the metrics used to value jewelry.

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When looking for an experienced master jeweler in Louisville KY, you should look no further than Brundage Jewelers, with in the premiere jewelry repair shop in Louisville. Our Certified Master Jewelers here at Brundage Jewelers will provide the expertise you desire. From simple repairs, to complex alterations, and even custom design jewelry our skilled craftsman will expertly meet all your jewelry needs.

You should see how years of training will result in one of the leading knowledgeable retail jeweler in Louisville KY. Our gemologists can help you throughout the entire process of deciding on what type of gemstone you desire. One easy way to add color is to look at your wardrobe. If you tend to wear blacks and greys, you should look at the passionate reds of rubies, whereas an earth tone look is always spiced up with yellows and greens of emeralds and citrine. Red and navy look stunning with the elegance of ice blue sapphires. It does not matter your color because we have a stone for it. Often people don’t want the prescriptive choices, and they want to venture into the color palate for inspiration. There are an endless number of combinations, and you will get to try them all. It does not matter what you might think about some flash of color, your new jewelry will convince you. If you are still not convinced, we have a stunning selection of diamonds.

With diamonds our expert jewelry designer in Louisville KY will be able to create gorgeous jewelry that will become an heirloom. It is the simplest things in life that become the most memorial. The same is true of diamonds. Sleek and elegant with a touch of dazzling beauty, a diamond can make a moment.

Stop in to see experienced master jewelers in Louisville KY here at Brundage Jewelers 141   Chenoweth Lane, Louisville, KY, 40207, Ph. 502-895-7717

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When the temperature starts to fall with the leaves, you know it is time to see your professional jeweler about that perfect gift. October has choices for your gift giving. Opal and pink tourmalines are the gemstones for the month. Both stones are incredible, and our retail jeweler can help you pick out the perfect piece. We are Brundage Jewelers; your Louisville location for master jewelers is easy to find.

Both birthstones for October, Opal and Pink Tourmaline, make a beautiful gift and represent the 14th and 18th wedding anniversaries.

As our jewelers know, opals have important place in society as representatives for truthfulness and certainty. Opals are common and have always been ideal gifts.

When you come by to meet with our professional jeweler, you will see all the vividness opals possess. You will also notice how the color arrangement influences the value of the stone. Because of this beautiful color configuration, antiquity thought the stone would improve eyesight, ward the wearer from infections, remove worry and reveal a poison nearby. The stunning opal also implies happiness, straightforwardness, reverence and allure.

Most of the time, read opals will be valued the most due to the reflection of the whole spectrum in the stone. In addition to the color, the design factors into the price. Our professional jewelers will help you find the brilliant flashes of color with extensive patterns.

On the other hand, tourmaline draws new friends and romantic interests. It also is believed to shield the wearer danger, misfortune and poor decisions. The pink tourmaline protects females whereas green tourmaline does so for males.

Drop by to have our master jewelers help you find the perfect opal or pink tourmaline at Brundage Jewelers. Visit us at our studio: 141   Chenoweth Lane, Louisville, KY.  Check this out

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