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A diamonds search can be quite difficult, and you should come see our amazing collection here at Osbornes Jewelers. We continue a mission of traditional ethical standards that will give you the chance to fully understand we have the best possible diamonds at competitive prices. We have an amazing collection. Come visit Osbornes Jewelers today to find the diamonds of your dream.

There are a few various aspects of diamonds that are responsible for gaging the value of the stone. These are often referred to as the 4 Cs: cut, color, carat and clarity. The cut of a diamond is the only artisan aspect of diamonds. The cut determines the reflection and refraction of light in the stone. Mathematical precision will determine the brilliance and fire that diamonds exude. Only some talented diamond cutters can bring a diamond to its true potential. The cut will determine value depending if it is a solitary or princess cut. The cut will derive the worth of a diamond much more so than the clarity or color.

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A gemologist is one of many people you do not think about when visiting a jewelry store; however, a gemologist might be the person you need to speak with because the value of your gemstones and diamonds will overall determine the worth of your fine jewelry. Depending on the amount of gemstones and diamonds as well as size and cut, the jeweler will become meticulous in its details. This quality jewelry requires the skillful hand of a professional jeweler to become a work of art. Stop sidestepping the premier jeweler in Athens and come in to have jewelry appraisals from Osbornes Jewelers today.

Jewelry appraisals are a good way to keep inventory on your jewelry collection. A gemologist will be able to tell you what your stones are worth. This evaluation will help you decide whether or not you should continue keeping your gemstones and diamonds in the same jewelry.

If you decide to change the jewelry your gemstones and diamonds adorn, you can meet with our master jeweler, who can help you create a new exciting piece that will house your beautiful gemstones and diamonds. No matter what your jewelry might look like now our premier jeweler will help you craft handmade jewelry that is truly beautiful.

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This article first appeared on AP Jewelry Blog.

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Jewelry stores have an obligation to help you find the perfect solution to your jewelry needs. This might seem like the opposite of your experience with other rings stores; however, we are a local jewelry store that will change your view of what a local jeweler can do for you. You should come in to see what Osbornes Jewelers has to offer as your destination as a diamond store.

You should look no further for any of your bridal bands here at your bridesmaids jewelry store. If you want an engagement ring, wedding bands or anniversary rings, you will not have to look any further than our local jewelry store. Our jewelry store also includes other bridesmaids jewelry store needs. We have a stunning selection of gemstone earrings and gemstone rings that will make the perfect gift for your bridesmaids.

We understand what a diamond store should include, yet we have a talented staff that will find the perfect solution to your jewelry needs. It does not matter if you need a diamond or you just want the right addition to your existing jewelry collection. Our retail store has the perfect atmosphere to shop without the added stress of a retail store.

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Osbornes Jewelers is your diamond destination. We have a stunning selection of diamond jewelry from diamond rings to the ever rare diamond pendants. If you are looking for the next new thing, than look no further than pave diamond jewelry. Come in today to see our stunning collection of diamond jewelry here at Osbornes Jewelers.

Diamonds are an elusive commodity. There is mysticism that is only reinforced with a diamond’s stunning beauty. The reality is that the diamond market is opening up more so than ever. You can see the choices of diamonds today, and it is much easier to find diamond than in years past. The diamond market, controlled by a few diamond mines, is vast, but only a few stones make it to jewelry stores. This has been the case for a long time, and continues to this day. We can help remove the veil from your diamond search.

Our talented staff is up to date on all the current trends and looks. If the diamond look you desire is beyond what you have searched through, we can help you with custom diamond jewelry. Come in today to see what a difference the perfect diamond jewelry can make for you here at, 622  S Jefferson St, Athens AL 35611, Ph: 256.232.4333.  Watch this video

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Osbornes Jewelers holds our traditional view of jewelers in high regard. This includes a trust between store and customers and standards are up held, which will guarantee that you will get the highest quality available for a price that is competitive. Come in today to see the difference shopping for a Christmas gift in a place that you trust.

We have been a trusted name throughout the jewelry industry. This comes from our willingness to keep you the customer at the forefront. Through this customer first mentality, we have earned a lasting reputation for being the premier location for gold jewelry.

When you shop in a comfortable location, you can make solid judgments about whether you have the piece and deal you hoped. Our relaxed atmosphere allows for you to shop without the pressure of other stores. You can peruse our collection of gold jewelry for the perfect Christmas gift.

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This article first appeared on AP Jewelry Blog.