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Pearce Jewelers
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Pearce Jewelers understands jewelry. Our master jewelers have the experience and knowledge to assist you with all your jewelry needs.

Come by to see the difference a goldsmith can make in a store. We have extensive lines of jewelry for your perusal as well as the experience to create your dreams. Fred and Kate Pearce have realized their dream of having a local jeweler, who could make designer custom jeweler but also help you breathe life into your dreams. They have succeeded in their dream and have kept it going for the last forty years.

Our custom jewelers can assist you in creating designer jewelry. We can help you made additions to an existing piece; additionally, we can help you create a piece from a drawing or picture. Creating your own unique jewelry is a stressful endeavor, but our professional jewelers can help ease you through the process.

Our retail jewelers have assembled these easy to follow steps to help you protect your jewelry:

  • Avoid scratches, sharp blows, harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures and sunlight
  • Take off your for household tasks such as gardening and cleaning
  • Store your jewelry separately
  • Put your jewelry on after applying makeup/hair spray and washing
  • Never swim with your jewelry on. Chlorine can damage gemstones and gold
  • Avoid storing your jewelry next to a heat source, window sill or car dashboard
  • Never keep your jewelry in direct sunlight
  • Do not store pearls in a plastic bag
  • Keep beaded necklaces flat in storage to keep the silk from stretching
  • When storing jewelry remember:
    • Diamonds can scratch anything in your jewelry box
    • Gold, silver and platinum are easily scratched
  • Store silver in a plastic bag to lessen the tarnish
  • Polish sterling silver with a soft cloth or a Sunshine Cloth
  • Keep your mounted stones. If loose, you need to have it checkout by a professional jeweler.

Do not delay and come in to see the difference a certified master jeweler can make when shopping at Pearce Jewelers today!

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Pearce Jewelers
41 Glen Road
West Lebanon NH 03784

Ph 603-298-8833

At Pearce Jewelers we focus on creating custom jewelry for any occasion.  Drop by today for any of your jewelry needs from your local jewelry store.

Fred and Kate Pearce have been collaborating for the last forty years, and since opening their fine jewelry store, they can assist you in any custom piece. A handcrafted piece will make you the envy of your friends, and our master crafters have the knowledge and expertise to breathe life into your desires. Whether you want to reinvent an existing piece or create one from a sketch or picture, Pearce Jewelers is your jewelry store answer.

We not only take pride in creating jewelry, but we understand that a diamond store is more than just selling jewelry. We are not only your ring store, but rather take a stake in the well-being of your jewelry. Therefore, we pride ourselves on educating you on proper care for jewelry. Having regular cleanings and inspections by a jeweler, whom you trust, will add years to the life of your jewelry. 

Therefore, we have these simple rules of thumb:

  • Remove rings before performing household chores, such as cleaning, gardening or working with hand tools. 
  • Store necklaces, chains and bracelets flat or on to avoid kinks and knots. 
  • When traveling, give care to packing your jewelry items.  Protect your pieces from scratches and impact damage by using padding. 
  • Jewelry travel totes are recommended.

Stop by our diamond store today at 41 Glen Road, West Lebanon NH 03784. Call our sales associates at 603-298-8833 to schedule to have your jewelry inspected and cleaned.