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Here at Gem Collection, you can find the best selection of jewelry for a Christmas gift in the Tallahasseearea. We understand how important great service is to our customers so we provide them exceptional gold jewelry.  Whether you are buying a diamond or you want to create handmade jewelry, we are your destination for Christmas gifts this holiday season.

In 1477, the first recorded diamond engagement ring was delivered to Mary of Burgundy by her love, Archduke Maximilian of Hamburg. The tradition caught on quickly among royalty and wealthy individuals, as a way of expressing sincere love for one another. Unfortunately, the average person could never expect to afford a diamond. They were scarce in quantity and valued extremely high. With that said the engagement rings that were made out of diamond, were typically engraved with love messages written in expensive jewels. They were crafted by the best craftsmen in the land.  Although diamond engagement rings were effectively a sign of love, they were seen as more of a sign of status and wealth. If a woman was to possess diamonds during this era, it would be possible to determine that she was wealthy and/or powerful.

Diamond Engagement Rings quickly became popular with the average person after a great discovery of diamond deposits were found in South America and Brazil. During the 1800s, it is believed that miners found heavenly spots filled with diamond mines. Through mining them, the prices of diamonds were significantly reduced, and for the first time in history, were deemed affordable for the average person. As more and more couples begin to get married using diamond engagement rings, the tradition carried out into the 1900s. During this era, diamonds came in different shapes and sizes, depending on the individual budget. More diamond mines were found in Africa, which further helped to bring the typical price of diamonds down.

Today, the engagement ring is regarded by most as an essential part of the act of getting married. There are many styles, shapes and types of rings to choose from and diamonds to fit almost any budget. The modern wedding ring has spawned a global business of retailers, craftsmen, miners and importers. And to think it all began with a simple little bit of rope to make beautiful gold jewelry.

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Many stores throw around professional jeweler and jewelry appraisals as if just repeating a line will make a difference. Here at The Gem Collection we know that you must back up your words with your service.

There are many so-called jewelry appraisals out there. You will find most of them on the internet, but the truth is that only a certified gemologist will know the true worth and value of your jewelry. Gem Collection is your destination for quality jewelry designed by our fine jeweler. Come in today and see the difference a master jeweler will make.

Our talented staff including our professional jeweler recognizes the importance your jewelry has. Our jewelers can make those in house repairs you need quickly. We only employ jewelers that know how great service keeps you coming back to see our beautiful jewelry gallery. We value your business and we take steps to keep your returning time after time because we are the local jeweler you can trust. No matter whether you want to see our gemologist or have our jewelry appraiser view your heirloom rings, we are the diamond store you can trust.

Jewelry repairs are often over looked when looking for a retail jeweler. It is a vital service that you will need at some point. We never want to think about our prized possessions having flaws. However, prongs wear down and chains break, so you will need to have one of your jewelry pieces fixed. This is when you want a jeweler that you can trust. We are a jewelry store that you can trust because our master jeweler is on-site (you can even discuss your issues directly with a jeweler), so we do not have to mail your jewelry to someone else. Come in today knowing that your jewelry will never leave our store, for our jewelers will fix it immediately.

Heirloom and estate jewelry can vary in value. It has stood a small test of time, but that does not always equate with high prices or great value. You will need to meet with our gemologist, who can let your know the value of your antique jewelry. Jewelry handed down for generations is not something you want just anyone handling, so come in today to have a jewelry appraiser, who you trust, take a look at it.

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This article first appeared on Jewelry and Jewelers Blog.

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Here at Gem Collection, you can fine the best selection of Sapphire at a local jewelry store you trust in the Tallahassee area. Septembers birthstone is the best gift for anniversaries or birthdays, but because of its scarcity and beauty, it is a gift that anyone can truly cherish. When you come by, you can peruse our perfect selection of sapphire jewelry in the convenience of a retail store.

Unlike diamond stores, we carry all types of stones. The reason why we do such a thing is that sapphires exist in all shades of blue, from the bright sky blue of a summer afternoon to the deepest depths of the ocean. Sapphire has always had a persuasive grasp over those who stare into it. Most do not know that Sapphire also can come in other colors besides blue, such as red, pink, orange, and purple, making the color array of a sunset.

As a jewelry store, we understand the category of Sapphires known as the fancy Sapphires, or Sapphires that resemble a sunset. It is with these gemstones that the wearer will truly convey his or her personal expression seeing that these ‘fancy Sapphires’ are truly the rarest of the rare.

When giving a gift, look no further than your local jewelry store. Sapphire gemstones symbolize honesty, so it is important to make sure you select a superior stone when expressing this trait to your loved one. Sapphires are no different than other stones as far as you get what you pay for. Despite the various colors, the sapphire should not change color regardless of the angle. If the stone does so, you will know that jewelers have added treatments and dyes to a stone to make it richer, but it will lower the value of the stone.

Sapphire is the perfect stone for bridal rings. It also is said to be able to calm emotions and understanding while at the same time, convey undying love and desire.

Gem Collection, 3501 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee, FL 32309 is your jewelry store you trust, so stop by to see our sapphire jewelry. Watch this video

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