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The Gem Collection is your destination for all your diamond engagement needs. We have a stunning selection of diamond wedding ring sets that will allow for you to have the jewelry at any intersecting points. These diamond wedding ring sets do not necessarily mean they are matchy, matchy. Instead, you and your loved one will have stunning wedding jewelry that will have a similar artistic style. Therefore, it does not matter if your loved one wants a unique look from antique engagement rings or a ruby engagement ring, we have the selection for you. Come in to see beautiful diamond engagement rings here at the Gem Collection.

If you need that perfect surprise, the choices of engagement rings are going to help you find the Christmas gift. We have best collection of diamond wedding ring sets in the Tallahassee area. Our engagement rings collection includes both yellow gold engagement rings as well as white gold engagement rings. We understand how important great service is to our customers, so we provide the options for the symbolism of undying love.  Whether you are buying a traditional look or something as unique as our ruby engagement ring, we have what you want this holiday season.

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The Gem Collection is the local jewelry store you need to visit. We will show you how a local jeweler will differ from a retail jeweler with your jewelry needs. Whether you need a bridesmaids jewelry store or just a diamond store, we have a willing staff and a beautiful collection of fine jewelry to help you find the exact aspect you look for in fine jewelry. Our rings store will demonstrate the various styles and looks available. Come in today to see the various looks a local jeweler can offer today.

A quick look into any jewelry store, and you will see a similar set up. You can picture it now: the displays and cases full of enticing looks that fall just out of your price range. That is not the situation we have created here at The Gem Collection because we are your local jewelry store, and this gives us a lasting identity. We strive to keep you in designer looks that will fit in your price range. In addition, you will find a store that you can trust to give you an honest depiction of the jewelry you desire. We do not over saturate the room with bright lights to make our jewelry appear better than it is. The quality of our jewelry will not be in doubt once you come see our jewelry studio.

You should drop by to see your local jeweler here at The Gem Collection, 3501 Thomasville Road, Tallahassee, FL 32309, Ph (850) 893-4171. http://GemCollection.com Click Here.

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Finding a jeweler is a precarious search because unlike here at The Gem Collection, you never know the professional jeweler when you walk off the street, for it is not difficult to mask jewelry that is of lower quality. Our master jeweler and gemologist will give you a straight approach to your jewelry quest because a premier jeweler must, if anything, have trust with customers.

Stop in to have jewelry appraisals today. A jewelry appraisal will allow you the piece of mind to understand what your jewelry is worth. This information will give you an understanding, so you can fully know how much insurance you should have. An appraisal should also give you a catalogue of your jewelry collection, allowing you to see where you can add a new piece. Beside the heirlooms of your distant family, your new gemstone jewelry will give you the pop of color you lack. Once you fully see your jewelry collection from a third party viewpoint, you will see how an aquamarine will bring the freshness of spring into your jewelry box.

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A loose diamond is an odd thing to search. It seems that most mass box store only have interest in selling over priced diamond jewelry; whereas, we here at The Gem Collection will give you choice to selection your own certified diamonds. You will be able to choose your diamond and your own diamond jewelry whether it is diamond rings, diamond earrings or even diamond engagement rings. You will have the freedom you desire when looking for diamonds, so come on in today to find the perfect certified diamond in our diamond studio at The Gem Collection.

Diamond engagement rings are difficult to decide on because they invoke such emotion that it is difficult to cut away at sentimental feeling to find the perfect diamond in your price range. Some of the mysteries of pricing diamonds come from the uncertainty of a diamond’s value. It always starts with the cut because out of all factors of a diamond whether it is the color, clarity or carat weight, the cut is added and will give the diamond its lustrous beauty or not; furthermore, the placements of the facets determine if the diamond will burn with a brilliant fire. If the clarity and color are the same quality, the cut will be the deciding factor along with the carat weight for the diamond.

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Here at Gem Collection, you can find the best selection of jewelry for a Christmas gift in the Tallahasseearea. We understand how important great service is to our customers so we provide them exceptional gold jewelry.  Whether you are buying a diamond or you want to create handmade jewelry, we are your destination for Christmas gifts this holiday season.

In 1477, the first recorded diamond engagement ring was delivered to Mary of Burgundy by her love, Archduke Maximilian of Hamburg. The tradition caught on quickly among royalty and wealthy individuals, as a way of expressing sincere love for one another. Unfortunately, the average person could never expect to afford a diamond. They were scarce in quantity and valued extremely high. With that said the engagement rings that were made out of diamond, were typically engraved with love messages written in expensive jewels. They were crafted by the best craftsmen in the land.  Although diamond engagement rings were effectively a sign of love, they were seen as more of a sign of status and wealth. If a woman was to possess diamonds during this era, it would be possible to determine that she was wealthy and/or powerful.

Diamond Engagement Rings quickly became popular with the average person after a great discovery of diamond deposits were found in South America and Brazil. During the 1800s, it is believed that miners found heavenly spots filled with diamond mines. Through mining them, the prices of diamonds were significantly reduced, and for the first time in history, were deemed affordable for the average person. As more and more couples begin to get married using diamond engagement rings, the tradition carried out into the 1900s. During this era, diamonds came in different shapes and sizes, depending on the individual budget. More diamond mines were found in Africa, which further helped to bring the typical price of diamonds down.

Today, the engagement ring is regarded by most as an essential part of the act of getting married. There are many styles, shapes and types of rings to choose from and diamonds to fit almost any budget. The modern wedding ring has spawned a global business of retailers, craftsmen, miners and importers. And to think it all began with a simple little bit of rope to make beautiful gold jewelry.

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