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When thinking about the ideal present, search no further than Septembers birthstone. It is the best gift for anniversaries or birthdays, but because of its scarcity, and beauty a gift that anyone can truly cherish. Here at Gem Collection, you can fine the best selection of Sapphire Rings in the Tallahassee area. When you come by, you can peruse our perfect selection of sapphire jewelry in the convenience of a local retail store.

Unlike a diamond store, sapphires exist in all shades of blue, from the bright sky blue of a summers afternoon to the deepest depths of the ocean, Sapphire has always held a compelling hold over those who stare into it. Unfamiliar to most is that Sapphire also can come in other colors besides blue, such as red, pink, orange, and purple, almost as if it were a sunset in a stone.

Being a retail jewelry store, we know all about the category of Sapphires known as the fancy Sapphires, or Sapphires that are yellow, purple, pink, white, or green. It is with these stones that the customer will truly express his or her personal expression seeing that these ‘fancy Sapphires’ are truly the rarest of the rare. For example, the treatment, or which is now preferred, lack of treatment to a stone will heavily determine the price.

Sapphire stones represent truthfulness so it is important to make sure you select a superior stone when expressing this trait to your loved one. Numerous times it has been said you acquire what you pay for, and with sapphires it is also true. Even though sapphires come in various colors, they should not change color regardless of the angle. Irregularly, jewelers will add treatments and dyes to a stone to make it richer, but it will lower the value of the stone.

Sapphire is a perfect stone for engagement rings as it also is said to have powers in calming down emotions and enhancing communication and knowledge while at the same time, expressing deep love and desire. Look no further than preferred jewelry store to express your beautiful sentiments.

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