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Brundage Jewelers

141 Chenoweth Lane
Louisville, KY 40207

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The premier diamond jewelry store in Louisville KY is Brundage Jewelers, and you should wait no longer to find out why. We have stunning selections of jewelry that has enabled us to become the top diamond ring store in Louisville KY as well as the surrounding area. We have become the finest jewelry store, and a destination for all your jewelry desires. Our employees have the experience and understanding to help you with all your jewelry needs here at your premium jewelry store in Louisville KY—Brundage Jewelers.

Unlike a top diamond jewelry store, other stores in Louisville will carry only a small percentage of original jewelry pieces; and with most jewelry stores, you will end up with the same mass-produced jewelry as everyone else in every other part of the country.  Being a locally owned jewelry store, we have a collection that reflects our community. When shopping in a store that is a local jewelry store, you have a direct connection to our community. Searching for the perfect diamond ring here at Brundage Jewelers will give you the jewelry you desire and support your neighborhood with original art. Our master jewelers understand the delicate balance between art and functionality, so you will walk out with stunning art that will sit perfectly on your finger.

Stop in to see how we are the most distinctive jewelry store in Louisville KY here at Brundage Jewelers.

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