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Look no further than Hupp Jewelers for all your wedding jewelry. We have an extensive collection of all wedding jewelry for you and your loved one to view. Our experienced staff has the knowledge and training to find the perfect jewelry for you. Stop by to see the difference Hupp Jewelers has in wedding rings.

There is a big difference in terms of price with gold and platinum bridal jewelry. Look at rings that have gold settings, they are much less expensive than platinum. White gold can look just like platinum if it is maintained properly.

A wedding ring with a diamond already set in it will have the added price of a diamond. If you are into the solitaire diamond ring employ the round down trick .8 or.9 diamonds cost less than an even 1 carat diamond and the size difference is negligible. Micro pave can save you lots of money too. Pave is tiny diamonds set very close together, sometimes with a microscope. They catch the light just like a single large diamond but cost far less. Little diamonds are far more available than larger ones. If you feel pressured to pull a big carat number, TCW is your friend. Total Carat Weight describes the total weight of all the diamonds on the ring. This knowledge of what you want will help you throughout the wedding ring shopping trip.

Another way to purchase a bridal ring is to look for a fancy band as an option. These come engraved or with diamonds set into the band. Or you could ditch the diamonds altogether and go for some other type of stone. Sapphires and rubies can make stunning jewelry for a bride to be. If all else fails look for sales! Shop when a local department store is having a steep discount. Shopping online may provide great pricing due to the sheer amount of competition.

Drop in today to see how we give each customer our full attention no matter what the need or the cost. This way you will know you have found the perfect wedding rings here at Hupp Jewelers.