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Look no further than Satow Goldsmiths for all your wedding bands. Our extensive collection of fine jewelry from gold rings to platinum pieces will meet any desires. In addition to our exceptional selection of jewelry, we have master jewelers who have the knowledge and understand for all your jewelry needs. Come by today to see our stunning selection of engagement rings.

There are multiple options in creating your perfect wedding rings. Couples can easily create the perfect ring to match their personalities and the relationship they share through simple substitutions or full scale independent ring designs. A common way of creating a custom ring is choosing an alternative gemstone either as the center stone or accent. Due to the sentimental connection to the couple, the birthstone has become popular choices. They birthstones even represent the special days in the couple’s life including the upcoming wedding. If couples wish to try for more unique gems, they can consider turquoise, mystic topaz or tanzanite. If they wish to preserve the traditional sentiments of diamonds, couples can use fancy colored diamonds which would offer uniqueness too. Popular hues come in black, blue, pink and yellow. This way you will have diamond engagement rings with added symbolism.

You will need to decide on the metal for your bridal bands. While considering the metal, yellow gold is the most popular engagement ring metal choice for most of couples. However people also go for platinum or white gold. Consider using less common metals like silver or titanium or even specialized gold hues like rose for a custom ring. Another metal option is multi tone rings that combine different metals into one cohesive design. For getting a more unique look, go for fused Mokume Gane designs. However the most common and least expensive method of customization would be engraving. People engrave their initials, significant date like wedding date or any special date can add a touch of personal feeling to the ring. Usually the engravings are done inside the band in either a block or script font. For a semi private configuration, couples can go for metal filigree and engraving the exterior of the ring which would be often under the setting and visible from the side.

Once the couples find a wedding rings, they can create customized ring by creating matching wedding rings that would complement the initial ring. However not every jeweler offer customized engagement rings. But there are many online jewelers would be ready to work with the couples in making a customized ring.

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