Unique Gemstones Yellow Emerald™

Yellow Emerald™ is a brand of premium golden beryl which is identical to a green emerald except for the color. Yellow Emeralds™ may have very slight inclusions visible to the naked eye, most are eye-clean. Yellow Emeralds™ are durable due to the lack of inclusions and are not oiled to enhance the beauty as green emeralds are commonly found.

Yellow emeralds are more durable than green emeralds. Most green emeralds have a large amount of inclusions which can cause them to break or crack. Yellow Emeralds™ are virtually flawless therefore provided a much tougher gemstone than most green emeralds. In fact, Yellow Emeralds are even harder than Citrine or Tourmaline. Yellow diamonds and Yellow Sapphire are the only yellow gemstones harder than a Yellow Emerald.