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Come see our vintage collections today at your antique jewelry destination in Florida. We have amassed a wonderful collection of platinum and gold jewelry, natural color gemstones as well as South Sea cultured pearls as well as our selection of Antique Jewelry, Estate Diamonds, Heirloom Jewelry, Estate Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry and Victorian Rings.

We have added an extensive collection of heirloom jewelry to our collection. Come in today to see if we have the right piece for you. We constantly scour the area in search of the perfect heirloom jewelry for your shopping experience. We also pay attention to estate jewelry as well.

Heirloom jewelry also brought lasting changes to the jewelry industry. Citrine, aquamarine, amethyst, topaz and quartz all become vogue and still have considerable popularity. To achieve a beautiful look, constructions were hollow to conserve metal. Precious metals were rare with gold being scarce and platinum was unobtainable. Copper replaced nickel in alloying gold giving us rose gold. Palladium was first introduced to jewelry.

Our prices are unbeatable whether you search in person or on the web. We deal with individuals and estates to amass our amazing collection, giving us the ability to provide you with the fairest prices.

Gem Collection is your leader in antique jewelry. Come in today to see our extensive assortment.