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K E Butler & Co. Jewelers is your handmade jewelry destination. Having been in the family tree for 2 generations, we recognize the value of custom jewelry. Come in today and we will help you create the perfect designer jewelry.

Unique jewelry centers all make jewelry. Anytime you look for an exceptional gift or unique jewelry, you always want something new to reflect your taste and style. Having handmade jewelry is special because it will separate you from others.

A piece of custom designed jewelry can be something created from an heirloom that has special meaning to you. It can also come from something creative that you, the customer, help create. Opposing to what individuals may imagine, custom work is attainable for everyone as this practice allows you to design and create a piece that is tailored to your budget.

The unique jewelry you wear is an expression of your distinctive personality, passions, and way of life. When helping a client craft handmade jewelry, our award prize-winning goldsmith will work with you to develop an exceptional design that replicates your vision and resources. Our master craftsperson will then interpret your dream into jewelry of outstanding quality to last a lifetime.

Designer jewelry does not have to be costly and the entire method can be an exciting experience for you. You will have nonstop one on one contact with our jeweler to make something impressive that you have planned.

Stop by and visit us at K E Butler Jewelers and our staff will assist you in choosing the finest design for you to express your deepest desires. Stop by our store at :1303B E. 1st St., Vidalia, GA, 30474, Ph (912) 537-3623  Watch this

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