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Brundage Jewelers will meet your bridal jewelry expectations with our stunning collection of wedding bands, engagement rings and anniversary rings. Shopping for wedding jewelry is a stressful undertaking, but have no worries, our experience staff will help you find the rings of your dreams.

Engagement rings will vary in creation. This enables couples to have the ring that matches their personalities and their relationship. One easy way to customize your rings is to add a gemstone, especially your birthstone. This will give the ring even more sentimental connection. Turquoise, topaz or tanzanite will give a unique look. Whereas fancy colored diamonds will give you a traditional sentiment of diamonds. Popular hues for fancy colored diamonds include black, blue, pink and yellow.

You will also need to consider the metal used in your ring. Yellow gold is the traditional choice and stays at the top of the list for most couples. Currently though, couples have optioned for white gold or platinum. People going for a unique look may choose to use silver or titanium. Others use specialized gold hues like rose for a custom look. If you have trouble selecting just one color, you may want to use a multicolor look, which will combine two metals into one cohesive design. The most common and least expensive way to personalize your ring is to have it engraved. Most use their wedding date or initials. Some couples even go for a metal filigree and engrave the exterior of the ring, under the setting. This will make it only visible from the side.

After you select your engagement ring, you can easily customize a wedding band that will compliment the original ring. Remember not every jeweler makes custom bridal rings.

So come by to see our studio for your unique diamond engagement ring today. We are located at 141  Chenoweth Lane, Louisville,  KY.