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Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry is the best location for all your wedding jewelry needs. We have grown since the 1980s from a one-person shop to one of the leaders in the jewelry industry. The key to all proposals is the diamond engagement ring. It will set the tone for your entire wedding. You will need to find a ring you feel will express your enduring love.

Despite the massive selection the internet will provide when buying a diamond, seeing is believing. You should always visit your local independent jeweler to decide on the perfect diamond to express your eternal love.

Professional jewelers would never buy a diamond without seeing a diamond, and this practice you should follow as well. We here at Susan Eisen Fine Jewelry will provide you a collection of loose diamond that will fit your budget. Our excellent sales staff will inform you of the grades of each of the stones to allow you the chance to make an informed decision. You will not only find the perfect diamond for your diamond engagement ring, but you will help support your local community.

Susan Eisen remains the heart that drives our company. She still converges on the dedication to fuse her artisanship with the needs of customers.