Yellow Emerald Custom Jewelry

Yellow Emerald

Like beryl, all gemstones (except for the colorless, white diamond!) obtain their color from elemental impurities present during the growing process this is what gives your designer jewelry a splash of color. For instance, in the presence of boron, clear diamonds become blue while nitrogen provides a yellow diamond’s hues. When chromium meets developing corundum, rubies form. Replace chromium with iron, and yellow sapphires appear. This give you the sense of where your stunning colors come from in your unique jewelry.

You will get a perfect stone for your custom jewelry. For instance, our Yellow Emerald™ premium golden beryl gemstones are stronger than ‘green’ emeralds. Where ‘green’ emeralds often contain many inclusions, which can lead to cracks and eventual breakage, our Yellow Emerald™ premium golden beryl gemstones contain few (if any) inclusions – a virtually flawless gemstone – as durable as it is gorgeous. The lack of inclusions will make your handmade jewelry dazzling.

The reality is that our Yellow Emerald™ custom designed jewelry will give you a better yellow than citrine or tourmaline.  In a competition among yellow gemstones, the only contenders harder than our Yellow Emerald™ premium golden beryl gemstones are yellow diamonds and sapphires.