Yellow Emerald Gemstone Jewelry

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Millions of years ago when the appropriate pressure and temperature were present together, these conditions formed precious colored stones. Emeralds are one of these crystals and are a member of the Beryl species. Pure beryl is colorless, but if other metals are in the ground when crystals form magical colors appear which give rise to the various colors, turning a plain, colorless gemstone into a green, yellow, pink or blue treasure.

These include all loose gemstones like yellow diamonds, yellow sapphires and yellow tourmaline.

All colored stones receive their color from impurities or trace elements while in the growing process. For example the color of blue diamonds is to due Boron, yellow diamonds are due to Nitrogen in the ground when the diamonds were formed. When Chromium (a silver metal) is in the ground where beryl is formed, the green color appears. When iron (a grey metal) is in the ground where beryl is grown, yellow – gold color appears.

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