Yellow Emerald Gemstones

Yellow Emerald Loose Gemstones

Customers are always looking for something new and different. The gemstones pendants designs we offer cannot be found by any other distributor. Our brand of loose gemstones is inexpensive compared to many other precious gemstones alternatives.

Nitrogen is in the ground when the diamonds were formed. When Chromium (a silver metal) is in the ground where beryl is formed, the green color appears. When iron (a grey metal) is in the ground where beryl is grown, yellow – gold color appears. Our loose gemstones include the following characteristic:

Color: Vibrant yellowish-green to deep gold. No other gemstone has this hue and tone. You may also notice a slight color change in different lighting conditions.

Clarity: Eye-clean, with no visible inclusions. Most green emeralds have many inclusion which affect durability and beauty.

Cut:  Most green emeralds are cut with standard faceting. Yellow Emerald™ gemstones have at least 70 facets cut by hand by gemstone cutters who are skilled as surgeons. Most diamonds only have 58 facets.

Cost: Yellow Emerald™ gemstones are approximately 1/10th of the price of a similar green emerald.